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After much research, it seems us poor men have a much more difficult time when it comes to choosing a saddle – our anatomy is somewhat different!

It all comes down to heat dispersion – and failure to disperse the heat can lead, amongst other things, to postrate trouble! So fellas – if you are emabarking on a long ride, check out that old saddle, talk to an experienced dealer (I used Experience Cycling and get one designed for hours in the saddle day after day, and specifically for men! I have just changed to a Terry, rather narrow, but with a big open central slot. Bit difficult to get accustomed to it (I don’t have much flesh covering my bones!) but some initial saddle-soreness is preferable to lingering medical problems later!
I wonder how long it will take me to be able to do two successive 100km plus days in a row without having to stand in the saddle on the way home?!