Butt Prints!!! | Cycle Across Canada

Thanks for the info for checking to see if you have the right bike seat for your bummy shape!

I would have never thought to do that. For all the rest of you who have no idea what I am talking about, read the comment from my last entry.
We are still gearing up for a major fund raising binge. We have more than what shows on our site but have to mail it in. I will do so soon.
I had lunch with a friend of mine who has throat cancer. Yes he was a smoker but not anymore. Hell of way to make a lifestyle change.
It was so good to see him and catch up on old news. His sense of humor during this time of treatment is an inspiration to me. I will think of him a lot along the way. He is doing fine and very optimistic.
Thanks for lunch, Mike. When I get back it will be my turn to buy.
Today is also my favorite oldest son’s birthday. Happy birthday, honey. I could not feel more proud as I have three of the finest sons on this planet and they fill me up. Thank’s again for all that you do, Corri.
Till next time …. keep smiling and keep busy, Maxine