I am so excited!!! Cycle Across Canada

I am so excited!!! I can’t believe we have our tickets already and soon we will be undertaking a dream for both of us by riding across Canada. I am overwhelmed and will think of it as one kilometre at a time. With only our bikes and panniers there won’t be a lot of room for extras. Don’t worry, I have sorted out that if I shop I can mail things home.

Ooops, this is supposed to be about fund raising. I see no reason why we can’t enjoy ourselves as well. I have to tell all of you that I thought I would want to make this ride as long as I could so we could spend time in different places being tourists, but, and what a sweet but this is, now I have a reason for trying to complete it before the the last week of August.Stay tuned and I will let you know what it is.
For those of you who know me it is something I have been wanting for quite a while now.
We shall see. Of course there is also the deadline to be back for the 200 kilometre Trek that we will do Sept 10-11. That should be a cake walk after this.
For those of you who are reading and following us. I want you to know that we will be devulging all the gory details of the Ride.
Oh Yeah, if there is anyone who knows someone who would like to give a couple cyclists a piece of lawn for a night or even someplace to shower we would remember to say kind things about you while we were there. 😉
We better start training. Does curling count? Hmmmm…..LOL Maxine