BC Lung Bicycle Trek 2012

This year Dave cycled the BC Lung Bicycle Trek on September 8th and 9th, and Maxine took a very active part in the Cheer Leading at the finish on both days!

Many thanks to our supporters who donated to help us raise just over $2,100 – we had only 2 riders in our team this year, but hope for more next time!

Here are some photos of the event:

Dave finishing – where are the Cheer Leaders?

They made me finish again – with Cheer Leaders!

Here are the Cheer Leaders – Jean and Maxine on the right!

Rose finishes with the full Cheer Leading team!!

Tour de Victoria 2012

Maxine and Dave rode the Tour de Victoria and had a great day’s cycling around Victoria and the Saanich Penninsula.  It was great to have all intersections controlled so cyclists did not have to stop, and with so many riders out there, mostly passing vehicular traffic gave us plenty of clearance!  Here we are pedaling up the Munn’s Road big hill:

Will this hill ever end??!

Maxine seems happy with the hill!!

Yes, I guess we will do it again next year!

Cycle Across Canada goes to Africa 2012!

It is a very long way from Vancouver to Cape Town, but both us and our bicycles did just that! The event was the The Cape Argus Cycle Tour which is a 109 km one-day race (or fun ride!) around the picturesque Cape Penninsula, and there were 35,000 entries! The pros start at 6:15 am, then the rest of us start in groups of 600 every 4 minutes thereafter. We started at 7:30 am and headed off into a day of cycling that saw temperatures reaching 41º C.
Despite there being over 1,000 recorded cases of heat related problems, we both survived to the end expecting at any moment to join the ranks of the many suffering from major cramps to completely heat exhaustion! Dave, however, survived the race, but then could not get out of the car on the way home as his legs completely cramped!

This is a great event with the roads completely closed to all traffic from start to finish. Crowds lined the route cheering us, holding street parties, cheerleaders, etc. all the way!

Our journey was in fact, a little longer as we made a “side trip” from London to Abu Dhabi and return to see Jo, CJ and our grandchildren, Brodie and Tegan. (The bikes remained at Heathrow in “Left Luggage”)

Do it again?? Yes, most likely in 2014!!  Here are a few of our photos:

Maxine tackles Chapman's Peak

Maxine nears the top of Suikerbossie

Maxine crosses the Finish Line!

Got my Finishers' Medal!!

Dave on Chapman's Peak

Dave on Suikerbossie

Dave through the final bend - just!

Dave finishes

It's hot - but I finished!



Cycle Across Canada Rides the BC Lung Trek

This year’s ride took place on 10th and 11th September, and was for both “oldies” and “rookies” alike, but all of us in our Life Cycle Team had ridden before – it was in fact, Maxine’s 19th Trek. In contrast to the rain of last year, we had two great sunny days! Here are some photos of our Team:


Jill at the finish on Trek day 1.


Maxine crosses the finish line closely followed by team member Rose, on Trek Day 1


Dave on his way to the finish on Trek day 1.

As a Team, we had hoped to raise $7,500 but managed to reach $6,451. The total for the Trek itself was one of the lowest in many years, which is probably a sign of the poor state of our economy. But a very special thanks to our main sponsor The Medicine Shoppe – Comox It is thanks to their kind donation that we achieved this amount.

Very many thanks to our friends who generously gave their support!! Would we do it again – certainly! And it will be Maxine’s 20th ride!

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Cycle Across Canada goes to the USA – San Juan and Beyond!

Not far from this house is the Lavender Farm which was in full bloom:


The Lavender Farm on San Juan

It being a fine sunny day, Dave was put to work doing some groundwork!: bbDavePlows.JPG

Dave at the plough!

From Friday Harbor we took the Ferry to Orcas Island, where we stayed at The Inn on Orcas a great B&B in Deer Harbor. The owners had spent several years collecting artwork hoping one day to be able to open a B&B where it could all be displayed. We certainly recommend this B&B:


This is just one room, but they are all filled with pieces from their collection!

We cycled across the Island through Orcas Village to Moran State Park with the intention of riding up Mt. Constitution, but the clouds descended, so not being able to see the mountain, we went back to our B&B


Cloud and rain at Cascade Lake

Our next Ferry ride took us to Lopez Island where we cycled all the way across the Island to our final B&B in Mackaye Harbor:


Sunset over Mackaye Harbor

We spent several hours on the beach here collecting “Beach Glass”, but at the nearby Agate Beach, some detailed searching failed to produce any agates – but others nearby were successful! We cycled the Island once again back to the Ferry Terminal where we left the Islands and went to Anacortes.

From Anacortes, Maxine had to ferry back to Vancouver Island and return to work, but Dave headed east to cross the Cascade Mountain range. Leaving Anacortes at 3pm, he followed Hwy 20 along the Skagit River as far as Concrete and camped for the night. Next day was sunny and very hot but the first sign encountered warned:


Wind warning in the Skagit Valley

There then followed hours and hours of steady climbing in a temperature of 32°C (88°F) with lots of great views:


Looking back over Diablo Lake

Lots more climbing until finally at the Pass after 12 hours of riding!


Washington Pass – for info, bike plus load weighs 50kgs (110 lbs)!

Needless to say, the ride down the other side to Mazama took only 40 minutes at speeds around 60 kph (37 mph) and on a loaded bike weighing 45 kgs (100 lbs) luckily nothing got in the way on that descent! Next morning took in Winthrop with its Old West style buildings, and then I met up with Peggy and Jerry from Fulsom CA who were also cycling to Pateros where we camped by the Lake:


A campsite with a view!

Next day, we went our separate ways, and I discovered that the road to Grand Coulee was without shade – and again hot and sunny at 34°C (92°F) all day!


No shade in sight in any direction!

Spent the night at a campsite in Grand Coulee, where I was politely advised I “must be crazy” to ride out and up the “Wilbur Hill” in that hot weather! Well, crazy or not, I had to ride the hill next day, and the 6kms (4 miles) took me a full hour!


Looking back to Grand Coulee from the Wilbur Hill

The next leg of the ride took me through the wheat growing area of this part of Washington State, and once again, no shade!


It is a long road travelled!

All that wheat reminded me of earlier rides through the Canadian Prairies: mWheat.JPG

Wheat all the way to the horizon

Finally made it to Spokane where I caught up with family friends I had not seen since Dubai days some 20 years ago! It was great to visit with them and catch up on family news, and a promise to meet again in a lot less than 20 years! Rather than retrace my steps back to the coast, I took the advice of Peggy and Jerry (met earlier at Pateros) and used Amtrak to get back to Edmonds. Thanks here to Randy at Novelis who helped me make a box and pack my bike – which needed 2 ½ standard bicycle boxes – and to my friend Bob who took me to Spokane Station at midnight!


Un-packing and re-assembling the bike at Edmonds Station

From Edmonds I took the ferry over to Kingston, and headed west along the Olympic Penninsula. Much of this route was traffic free along the Discovery Trail:


The Discovery Trail across an old railway bridge

While on the ferry to Kingston, I met Pat and Jack, a motorcycle touring couple who later passed me on the road, and invited me back for pizza on their 60ft boat in Sequim Marina! It was already late, and I was beginning to wonder where I would find dinner, so this invite was very welcome! Next day I reached Port Angeles, took the Victoria Express to downtown Victoria, cycled up Island to Brentwood Bay and ferry again to Mill Bay where Maxine met me, and we drove home.

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