Were we prepared to Cycle Across Canada?

Were we prepared for this weather. -1 wind chill and freezing cold rain with winds of gusting about 60 k an hour. Well we were prepared in as much as we thought we could just buy what we needed as we went along…..wrong! First off most places were much smaller than we thought. So this makes for very limited shopping. Then of course it’s Spring here (huh?), and so why would you need water proof or very warm clothes.
I found a pair of gloves at Canadian Tire ( hope they like the plug) in St. Johns in the kids bike department. They are OK at best.
Poor Dave has tried a variety of ways of trying to keep his hands from freezing. He bought a pair of work gloves but they just got wet. The Copper Kettle place we went for lunch a couple days ago was very kind as they gave him another pair of work gloves and gave us both a pair of thin rubber gloves. I put mine over the bike gloves and it seemed to keep out the cold better. We are hoping for warmer weather.

Some things are just wierd. While having lunch a the Copper Kettle that day we were given a donation from a lady who works for the Lung Association in NL. She will hopfully get us a plug or two along the way so people will be watching for us on the road.
Our picture was put in the Sunday Telegram newspaper so that is probably why we are getting some support. Honking horns and waves.
We met a couple in a restaurant in Port Blanford who have offered us a place to stay when we get to Cornerbrook. How kind. We wound up getting almost a $100 that day in donations, 5 here and 20 there.
All kinds of support. 500 k down, 9500 to go :’) smiles Maxine

5 thoughts on “Were we prepared to Cycle Across Canada?

  1. Hi Maxine and Dave,
    We have a map on the wall, following your “excellent adventure” and would appreciate the occassional name of towns where you land!!
    If it makes you feel any better it is rainy and cold here today as well. My wishes for better weather will extend right to the east coast.
    Thinking of you, and don’t worry about us here, all is quiet and that’s all I’ll say in case I jinx us.
    Oh, Nancy says hi.
    warm hugs to you both

  2. Hi Mom and dave
    Sounds like you guys are off to a cold start i hope you get some better weather soon. There was a thunderstorm here in Edmonton the other night , it rained for over twelve hours :( Good to hear the spirits are still high and happy through the ruff stuff.
    I will be putting up some posters around edmonton this weekend where ever they will let me. Hopefully it drums up some more hits to the site.
    Thinking warm thoughts for you both!

  3. Is this good or bad news? FYI Stan Hagen (Liberal) won this riding. Gordon Campbell’s liberals won overall but only 49 seats and NDP 33 – a far cry from last election with Liberals 73 and NDP 3!
    Thinking of you both riding and riding and riding. Take care. Cheers Queen Jean

  4. Hi Dave and Maxine
    Hope the weather gets better for you.According to the weather men it’s sud be nice all next week.Great to have you stay in our community and hope you enjoyed your breakfast.Will keep following your trip,ride safely and try to enjoy the scenry.
    Corinna at Mom’s Restaunant Badger,NL.

  5. dave and maxine:
    This comment is a week late, so hopefully you’re into warmer weather that isn’t causing so much problem for your hands.
    If you’re still fighting the cold though, a great solution is a pair of neoprene canoeing/kayaking gloves. They combine warmth with padding and are such a relief after the freezing you’ve been fighting. (And much safer, ’cause stiff fingers ain’t much on brake levers, huh?)
    If such gloves would still be helpful to you, I’d be happy to supply and arrange for 2 pairs to be shipped to a post office slightly ahead of you. Just email me your hand sizes (what size of cycling gloves you wear) and what town to send to General Delivery.
    I rode Vancouver to St. John’s many years ago during a university summer, and am already re-living many elements of that trip through your posts. I envy you the discoveries you’re going to make, for Canada and its people are even more incredible than you have imagined.
    Rubber side down, shiny side up, and stay warm!

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